Peggy McNulty Voice Studio

Voice lessons for teens and adults in McLean, Virginia

Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA) Laureate 

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Make-up lessons available Oct. 6, 7, and 8 - contact Peggy to schedule

Fall Workshop at McNulty Studio
Sunday, October 28, 1:30pm and 2:45pm

(for students only)

Winter 2018 Recitals - Woman's Club of Arlington
Saturday, December 8 
TEENS: 1:30pm  |  ADULTS: 4:30pm     

Spring 2019 Recitals

TEENS: May 19  |  ADULTS: June 2


As a fifth grader, she came for monthly lessons! For the past years, she has participated in many vocal competitions, receiving honors at many of these musical events. 

Most notably, Cynthia traveled to China this past summer to represent the United States in an international singing competition to promote the Beijing 2022 Olympics. She received the outstanding performance award, winning over almost all 64 competitors from 42 countries. She has also appeared on CCTY, China Central Television to promote the 2019 spring new year’s banquet.

Cynthia is also an active member of the Langley High School debate team and she served as previous captain of TJ’s debate team, model United Nations, and future problem solving. She also enjoys competitive swimming, even though the practices are at 3am every weekday. 

Peggy’s personal joy in singing and her commitment to teaching have stimulated her students to participate in musical activities in their communities. Several current students are participating in church and school choirs, and also are performing roles in school and community theater. Peggy’s former students maintain contact with her and share their delight in singing as they continue to study and perform. 

Peggy herself continues to study and give performances. She has sought out private instruction for herself. She has 30 years of voice study under the direction of well-known musicians and teachers, including Marianna Busching, Gillian Cookson, Todd Duncan, George Gibson, Dr. James McDonald, Martha Randall, Jennie Tourel, and Jane White. 

Peggy is an active participant in voice-related professional conferences and meetings in the United States.


Cynthia is a junior at Langley High School. She has been studying with Peggy for many years. 


"The sound of music that is born of human breath comes straighter from the soul than any sound the hand alone can make."-Anon.

Voice Lessons for 

College Credit​​​ at NOVA

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Peggy McNulty  believes that the total body is the instrument of the voice. She has taught voice for over 30 years. She offers private voice lessons in her McLean, Virginia, studio. 

Peggy teaches teens and adults. Her teaching schedule includes teens representing 10 different high schools! Instruction is tailored to meet each student’s needs and interests. Because music is meant to be shared, students are encouraged to participate in regularly scheduled workshops and recitals. 

A group of teen and adult students performed for residents at The Virginian Retirement Community in Fairfax on August 24, 2018. George Peachey was pianist.

Certified, Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Vocal Pedagogy Institute

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Week of Oct. 3, 2018